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The configuration is made through environment variables.

General configuration

Variable name Description
JWT_SECRET_KEY The secret key used to sign the authentication token.
If you don't provide it, a random secret is generated, invalidating all connections established previously to be closed.
A good secret is for example: openssl rand -base64 48
STORAGE_URL It controls whether file upload/download goes through the local proxy or to an external server. It's the full address (protocol, host, port, path) of rmfakecloud as visible from the tablet, especially if the host is behind a reverse proxy or in a container. Example: (default:
PORT listening port number (default: 3000)
DATADIR Set data/files directory (default: data/ in current dir)
LOGLEVEL Set the log verbosity. Default is info, set to debug for more logging or warn, error for less
RM_HTTPS_COOKIE For the UI, force cookies to be available only via https
RM_TRUST_PROXY Trust the proxy for client ip addresses (X-Forwarded-For/X-Real-IP) default false

Handwriting recognition

To use the handwriting recognition feature, you need first to create a free account on (up to 2000 free recognitions per month).

Then you'll obtains an application key and its corresponding HMAC to give to rmfakecloud:

Variable name Description
RMAPI_HWR_APPLICATIONKEY Application key obtained from myscript
RMAPI_HWR_HMAC HMAC obtained from myscript

Email settings

To be able to send email from your reMarkable, fill the following variables:

Variable name Description
RM_SMTP_SERVER The SMTP server address in host:port format
RM_SMTP_USERNAME The username/email for login
RM_SMTP_PASSWORD Plaintext password (application password should work)
RM_SMTP_FROM Custom From: header for the mails (eg. 'ReMarkable self-hosted')
RM_SMTP_HELO Custom HELO, if your email provider needs it
RM_SMTP_NOTLS don't use tls
RM_SMTP_STARTTLS use starttls command, should be combined with NOTLS. in most cases port 587 should be used
RM_SMTP_INSECURE_TLS If set, don't check the server certificate (not recommended)